Yes, teens should get facials too!  Adolescent skin generally produces more sebum or oil than more mature skin due to hormone changes.  Although the skin is usually well hydrated at this age, excessive oil can contribute to acne.  A teen facial can help to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil and diminish the appearance of pores and clear acne. Getting regular teen facials will help promote a clearer, healthier, and glowing complexion.

Our licensed skin care specialists will analyze your skin, listen to your concerns and show you how to properly care for your skin based on your unique needs and skin type.  You will notice an immediate improvement in your skins condition even after one session.

Eyetopia Teen Level 101 Facial

This clinically proven perfect facial for all skin types.  Proven to reduce acne, appearance of fine lines, uneven skin pigmentation and scarring to reveal a renewal of clarity to skin complexion.

Includes:  Expert 3D Skin Analysis and specific products selection for your individual skin type and condition, 2-Step Pre-Cleansing, AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Ultra Sonic Enzyme Exfoliation, Steam, Galvanic, Extractions, Mask, Sun Protection, Moisturizer, Eye and Lip Hydration.

$50 (Series of 4 - $180)

45 Minutes

add on Dermaplaning +$50

60 Minutes

add on Microdermabrasion +$50

60 Minutes


Our customized skin rejuvenating peels are light peels solutions formulated with a combination of enzymes and natural acids ranging in concentration from 2-10% to provide superficial exfoliation and removal of the dry dead surface skin cells that dull the skin’s appearance from the stratum corneum level.  These peels are ideal for new clients seeking a peel.

Level 101 Fundamental Peels

$100 (Series of 4 - $360)

30-45 Minutes

Level 201 Advanced Peels

$125 (Series of 4 - $450)

45-60 Minutes

Level 301 Intensive Peels

$150 (Series of 4 - $450)

60 Minutes